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tv   ABC7 News on KOFY 7PM  KOFY  July 24, 2014 7:00pm-8:01pm PDT

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>> tonight, the california drought claims two more victi >> brown is the new green. incentiv to convince to you stop watering your lawn. >> a woman offers an excuse for leaving kids in a car outside of a casino but video from inside fails to support the stor >> and a story that just might make you rethink the aassumptions you may have made about the accordio >> with the wernl warming up, two east bay swimming holes ha
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abc7 news is live. laura, it would normallye packed with swimmers. >> exactly. behind me here, the beach and lawn would be filled with people on a warm evening. there is nobody here. same goes for part of the beach ov shadow cliff lake both dueo water contamination. both very nasty. these ducks don't know what to make of e yellow tape at lake
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temescal where there is unusually high levels of toxins. some of those who came t cool off didn't realize the lake was closed until they saw signs. >> do you think it's better it's closed? >> definitely. if there isdanger. you know? if it's not something we have known implications of, it should be closed. i'd rather be swimming. >> this week's junior camp is also been grounded strictly by land for e next few days >> here you are in life guard camp u can't go into the water. >> dry land is fun. >> we can' get into the water, but we beefed it up with other stuff like survival and making fires >> he sh the issues high levels of e coli,reated by the
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drought because dead grassis no longer invitin for all of the beasts. >> we're not watering the lawn. and that is a area where the geese would conegate. now they're at beaes so goose feces and low water quality is an issue. >> anyone ingesng the wat could suffer flu like symptoms and skin irritation. no timetable for opening either beach. in oakland, abc7 news. >> a new slogan is catching on in the sth bay. brown is the n green. residents being encouraged to embrace lawns that are now brown from lack of water. we're live with more on the rebates available and alrnative way to have a green lawn withoutasting water. hi, david. >> hi.
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look athis perfect green lawn here. just hours ago it had brown patches as a result of reduced water. we'll she how transformation was made. there is anffort to make brown lawns a badge of honor. there is a n mantrathat might catch on. >> brown is the new green is the slogan. if the lawn is turning a little bit brown, go ahead p this sign in there. announce to neighbors you're doing the ght thing. >> valley water district says there is another way to conserve water, relandscape. thats what karen about. her perfectekt doubled rebate to # per square foot. . >> i was motivated to change it out to save time. and i didn't have to go out
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there to mow. i didn't have to have lawn mower that is putting out air pollution the are things that made me do it. >> last year, 8 took advantage of the program. this year, 382 completed the prect or its in progress over $1.1 million in rebat have been paid the program expires in september. it could be renewed. if brown isn't appealing here is a alternative. spraying the lawn with a food coring. green canary says it will last from 90 to 12 days and it doest harmful costing with one tenthof that artificial turf. >> it will give youtime to decide do i want to spend the money? >> john says it appeals to home sellers and allows this
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homeowner to cut back watering to two minutes just to keep the gras alive. in san jose, abc7 news. >> if you see what you think mighbe a case of water wasng send us a picture ask we'll check it out. >> more than 7500 homes and businesses are with out power after a brush fire. sky 7 shows where broke out next to interstate 280. crews might have sparked a fire. it broke out around 3:30 near canada college. there are no reports flames burned buildings. >> police say a livermore soccer coach molested a girl. police say he assaulted e girl
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in livermore. slicker has been ordered to stay away from the facility. heidn't enter a plea today he's due back in court august 25th. >> prosecutors in san francisco say a former sf ate university professor threw house parties, invited students then filmed them using the batoom the -year-old mark landis was arrested on wednesday. he taught accounting at san francisco state. he faces 15 misdemeanor counts of invasion of privacy. investigators say he used hiddenamera to take video. >> very egregious conduct. you're talking about a secret camera pointed towards ople's again talls very concerning. >> prosecutors say they knowf 15 victims but the could be
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more. >> san francisco recreation and parks commission rec created approving a $15 million settlement to the family of a woman t and killed by a parks department truck last year. in september, the woman was sun bathing with her baby and do when a truck ran her over. the baby was not injured a parks department gardener has been charged >> we're getting new insight into the bath a reckless driver found officers subduing the driver in oakland they chased him for miles. chp says there were 23 calls and five cars hit along the way. he crashed to a stop near 2 avenue on ramp and took four
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officers to control this guy. >> take a righthand turn in front of u working here. chp dragged the window. >> the chp identified the driver who they say was under the influence of drugs. amazingly no one was hurt during this pursuit >> a mother accused of leaving her toddlers in a hot car appeared in court today. she is charged with child endangerment. >> she remains in jail on $100,000 bond. her attory tried to get the bond reduced saying she should be abl to go home but the judge deny that had request, giving us
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information about her alleged offenses. acasino employee says she was a regular, her car cod be park the outside for hours. sunday sh her 2-year-old a 3-year-old daughters were crying and unable to escape temperatures. someone from this office called 911. today, the judge says she went inside just to use the rest room. then, he said video does not support the claim. and explained how she ignored officers who attempted to approach her, calling her offenses very serious >> a tragedy people are thiing more of their personal habits or potential addictions than wt they have in the car. >> greg says his station responds to kids left in cars often >> once or twice per month. >> officials kicked off a wherere's baby, look before you lock campaign. >> never leave your child alone in a car.
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>> one father who lost his child shared the pain of for getting. >> to my horror he realized peyton was stillin the car seat. it's the last thg i remember. i heard someone screaming it was me. >> the girlsere uninjured but it doesn't take long for a child to overheat. >> if you have a 90 degree day, the temperature is 0 minutes in the car goes up to 109 degrees then 90inutes about 138 degrees. >> in the past few weeks we've seen the connection between hot cars and casinos. authities arrested a mother and a man for leaving loved ones locked up while they went inside to gamble. >> a fast-moving fire ripped through a south lake tahoe hotel, sending two people to the hospital, causing $2.5 million in damage the fire broke out about 11:45 last night inside of the
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deerfield lodge. it destroyed six units and six cars and displaced 35 people. firefighters did keep flames from spreading to theront of the hotel. one witness says the fire was spitting off red emberz. >> at one point embers were blowing off our house. ways looking for anything to water town thacould catch fire. >> two people were injured when they jumd from a second story balcony to escape they were takeno a local hospital to be treated. >> investigatorsay they don't know what caused a roof fire in onemiddle school. a neighbor says tere was lots of smoke coming from the davis intermediate school on eden view drive. he called the fire department at out 5:30 a.m . firefigh fire out in about 20 minutes. investigators say the fire stard on the roof and since it was afr hours, and there is no obvious heat source, it's
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suspicious. >> here is what happene in fremont today. a vehicle caught fire. also knocked out power to th neighborhood and traffic on walnut avenue had to be diverted occupants werereated for minor injuries. >> more to bring you still ahd tonight, a tax proposal to make you think twice about flipping a house. in a city of billion dollar homes that could run into six figures >> the price tag for the new bay bridge keeps going up. tonight the multi million dollar cost o repairing the broken bolts >> environmental dilemma facing stanford. what to do about one of endangered streams. >> it was hot today temperatures will peak tomorrow. i'll show you what the numbers will look like and a look at e weekend coming up. no rush, andy. come on.
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san francisco housing crisis is not subsiding today. a group marched into a supervisor's office demanding an end to a proposed residential tax. we are live with more on the troubles of the city. leanne? >> reporter: the supervisor just one of several lawmakers who are trying to defeat this crisis in san francisco. but today sh he met with some heavy opposition from the chinese community. >> these protestors demanded that san francisco supervisor put an end to his proposed residential sur tax. this is what they don't like. anyone buying two or more units for investment purposes would be
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severely taxes if they sell within the first five years. #%, then less every year after that. the measure will appear on the november ballot for voters to decide >> the process is speculators, people from outside come in, buy a building then flip to it make a huge profit. >> the sur tax will not be opposed if property is sold at a loss. tina wong is with the chinese real estate association and calls measure unfair. >> do we have a share every penny with the government? >> the demand forced rental and real estate prices to skyrocket. dan and maria bought a small home on lomdard street with two units, each, one bedroom the person renting can't afford to move out the only way is to pay them off. their attorney says more than $100,000. >> we want extra unit for family and friends.
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currently we have no room whatever in our one bedroom, small apartment. this is really would be great for when they come, visit. >> it's ridiculous. it just stops people from being able to control anything with their property. >> it's really an egregious transfer of some people's wealth to other people. >> a fair number of homeowners are in a similar situation, except levins are now suing the city to avoid paying any relocation money to their tenant. in san francisco, abc7 news. >> that is going to take more money and more time to fix problems on the new eastern span of the bay bridge the toll bridge program oversight committee approved another $3 million to fix broken bolts, rods and scaffolding under the bridge. there are gaps in railing system which holds maintenance scaffolds the system must be reinstalled
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or rebuilt in order to work properly the initial fix supposed to be completed by december. >> a rare redwood tree has been spared from being cut down. the 60-year-old tree is one of only a handful that is both albino and normal foilage. it sits along the railroad tracks where the agency has plans to increase service the agency confirms the tree will be dug up and moved to a spot 450 feet away within view of the new station that is planned for the area. >> well, let's focus now on weekend weather. almost upon us. >> the weather is heating up. >> yes. it's summer time here, you can feel it. temperatures into mid-90s. we're going to get into triple
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digits highs for today, 96. redwood city, mid-80s for fremont and oakland richmond. 75 in san francisco. here is a view from our south beach camera. port of oakland, beautiful blue skies expected. 72 in san francisco. 78 oakland. and today, dew points are down. looking at sunshine if heading up to tahoe, there is a slight chance of showers. mid-80s around novato. 94 fairfield.
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look at air quality suffering with a light breeze, temperatures rising. here is the satellite and radar. high pressure is building in. fire danger is running higher today and will continue tomorrow. now, as you take a look here temperatures will peak tomorrow, then temperatures will be coming down for the weekend heat combining with humidity. upper 50s to mid-60s tomorrow morning. it's going to be clear, mild and afternoon, short sleeve weather in the south bay. 91 in santa cruz.
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that is the place to be. 93 in mountain view. expected to be a possible record there. 78 in pacifica. 78 in the sunset district. santa rosa, sonoma, 98 degrees in napa. 70s along the coast. 90s in richmond. a record there. 90 hayward and inland spots, 101 in livermore and antioch. 100 degrees in san ramone. looking at the accu-weather forecast upper 60s to mid to upper 90s inland. we'll see mugginess by sunday temperatures coming up next week but we won't have humidity.
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>> not quite louisiana. >> dew points into low 60s and we complain here. >> coming up next predictions a new wave of ex-stinks is underway >> new palm trees so in this brought where are they getting
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large animals are showing biggest decline, saying if a big animal disappears it could have an affect on humans. >> there is someone to think about this. the absence of the animals. it's increasing abundance, then, they carry the part of you that is carried increases. >> saying humans need to act now to protect habitats. >> caltrans plants labs for palm trees on the eastern side of the bay bridge. 17 foot palm tree in san bruno.
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the tree will be planned tomorrow morning. this palm tree put in place this afternoon, a total of 33 trees will decorate the bay bridge. caltrans is trucking in water to irrigate trees but the drought is about to change that by mid august, the new irrigation system will be in place. >> well, more still to come here tonight on abc7 news at 6:00 just ahead rocket attack killed 16 nem a cool in gaza the question, who fired? >> also, tonight a search for a man refusing to be treated for a drug resistant form of tuberculosis. >> what to do about an aging da
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the blood shed grew worse today in the war zone between israel and gaza. a united nations school once considered a save haven was hit by a rocket today in gaza. 16 people were killed and 100,
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injured, many children. palestinians blame israel for the attack. israel says it could have been a hamas rocket 800 palestinians died in the war. israel lost 32 soldiers and two civilians. >> we can say enough civilins and women, and children they have suffered quite enough in this conflict. it must end. >> israel says it warned the school to evacuate because of fighting. school officials say they're trying to leave when the rocket hit. secretary of state john kerry is trying to get a cease-fire in place. >> wreckage of a flight that disappeared over nornl western africa was found today heavy rain reported when the plane disappeared from radar over just west. the plane like this one, had 116
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people on board, half french. it's the third commercial air disaster in seven days the plane went down but they don't have weapons capable of shooting down a plane. >> a man has ton tajis tuberculosis and hasn't complied with medical orders. >> he has tuberculosis. this is his last address. >> we went where the tuberculosis patient was last seen. he had tuberculosis. >> management would not disclose information but several knew he was sick. >> i can't get near him at all. >> small guy. yes he used to sit outside. >> angelina says she would see cruz and wave to him. >> does it concern you?
7:33 pm
as far as, it's very contagious. >> yes. i don't know if owners say the people in that room. >> that was two months ago. . >> i thought maybe he's going home. i don't know. >> gone without a trace. that has hnl officials concerned. >> his disease may grow agn he may become contagious we don't know if he is or is not contagious. they can't find him. >> authorities hope to find and contain him to ensure he gets proper treatment. >> we can't force the treatment but can force that he is not with other people to infect them. >> cruz could face up to a year in prison for failing to comply with health officers. this year there have been 22 new reported cases in san joaquin
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county we're told most patients are in compliance. >> there is a $50,000 reward tonight for any information about a fourth suspect in last week's deadly stockton bank robbery and chase, two bank robbers and a hostage were killed when the suspects got in a shootout with police. a mother of two was shot and killed when the surviving suspect used her as a human shield her sister is begging for help. >> i'm making a plea to everyone of you in stockton, step forward with any knowledge of information bringing these crimin criminals down. >> investigators are looking for a fourth suspect who dropped off the three bank robbers before driving away in a black buick century they believe someone in the community knows who the driver is. >> stanford university is in the
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middle of an unlikely environmental battle centering around the aging dam and what flows from it over the bay. >> less trees grow along the banks of the creek in palo alto but there is no water this time of the year. that is because a dam owned by nearly stanford keeps it from growing. >> we're at a critical turning point. >> cary maclaine is with american rivers a national environmental group named san francisco creek and blames stanford's searsville dam. >> it's surprising people don't know there is a 65 foot dam in their backyard it's on stanford's biological preserve. people can't see it. >> there is a bird's eye view of
7:36 pm
the dam. searsville dam was built in 1892, to supply water to the city. one problem, it wasn't drinkable. for 80 years the lake served as a source of fun and recreation. in 1970s stanford closed it because people ruined too many experiments today, the water behind the dam is used to irrigate campus lawns, and university golf course the dam blocks creeks and streams above it. >> it's good habitat for steelhead but steelhead can't make it to where we're standing because of searsville dam just downstream. >> attorney christopher sproul represents two environmental groups. he's suing national marine fishery service for allegedry awill youing stanford university continue endangering steelhead trout. saying this video shows they're working from the bay only to be stopped by the dam.
7:37 pm
>> they're taking water out of the creeks that are critical for endangered fish to irrigate a golf course and campus lawns >> the university declined to be interviewed, citing pending litigation n to 12 the university did agree to study the dam. options included doing nothing, modifying, tearing it down, dredging the reservoir or building fish ladders to allow fish to go upstream. removing the dam would be costly and may have other consequences beyond having to find a new source of water. stanford uses much of the area for experiments on how human activity affects eco systems, tearing it down could endanger long term experiments or cause flooding downstream. then, there are environmental concerns like what to do with the silt backed up against the dam. it can't flow into the bay. still, environmentalists believe
7:38 pm
removing the dam is the only way to ensure the steelhead will go towards the stream. >> stanford is going to make a decision, or so they say by the end of the year on removing searsville dam. >> the university told us it expects to conclude this study this fall. >> coming up next a bay area woman's dreams of a scandinavian vacation. >> a thousand dollar discrepancy. how they got the airline to do television announcer: mattress discounters' $197 mattress sale $197 mattress sale is ending on. bulldog: mattress discounters' $197 mattress sale!
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texas lures away bay area jobs. the texas governor's office said charles schwab plans to locate 300 jobs most in el paso. swab has been planning to move people to less expensive areas. sources tell bloomberg news skillo is out to buy chief competitor, trulia. they handle almost 90% of traffic for online line real estate. and how much is a potato chip
7:42 pm
worth? lay's is saving $50 million per year selling it's flavored chips for the price as regular chips. but with 5 to 6 fewer chips per bag. >> well, i don't know about that. >> yes. >> a thousand dollar despite over an airline ticket because water turbulence for a woman on the peninsula. >> michael finney helped bring the dispute in. >> dreams of flying off to sweden and denmark almost didn't get off the ground the woman was stunned when she saw her bill nearly $1700. that is a thousand dollars more than she expected. >> big concern the balance they're going to be charging on my card was about $700.
7:43 pm
>> that credit was supposed to be applied to her european vacation. it was not. >> saying it was too late she'd have to take the credit or cancel the ticket and rebook it. if she rebooked she would have to pay more because the fare had gone up. >> according to the customer service people she talked with, she took to social media to voice displeasure and made phone calls and talked to people at american airlines. it didn't matter. they told her there is nothing they can do. she called seven on your side we talked with american and a
7:44 pm
spokesperson told us they refunded the payment p the original amount and waived change fee so she'd receive the full value back to her card. she tells us she had a wonder full time on the trip to denmark and sweden. >> thank you. i can't thank you enough. >> to see my reports online go to abc7 and click on sections tab, then look for seven on your side there is a link to contact me so there is a link to contact me so you can
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two purling game amusement convention like few others as accordion players from the world over gathered to trade secrets. this is a festival of bells, buttons and keys. and as wayne freedman reports, fingers were flying. whatever aassumption you've made about accordion music, you may set it to the side. you can dance to it.
7:48 pm
you can eat to it. do anything with it. >> you maim a type of music. i will tell you honestly. >> rap. >> rap? >> if anyone can make that claim it would be amy jo slayer, second vice president of the accordionists international. that is their president, betty jo simon playing next to her. betty jo, >> do all women accordionists have a jo in their name? >> we do. >> you'll find good accordionists here for the convention that runs through saturday. plenty of older players and not enough young ones. >> we're a dieing breed. this makes the teaching of youngsters more important. . >> i thought it would be a cool instrument to play i just decided to play it.
7:49 pm
yes. >> can you do drum solo? >> not yet. >> they do have broad genres. a chinese soloist makes logical sense >> it's very popular in china. >> the reed of the accordion was discovered ask invented in china. >> frankly in this crowd, we don't think they'll miss it. from burlingame, wayne freedman abc7 news. >> not sure i've heard it played like that. >> one last check of the weather. >> hi there, sandhya. >> hi there, ama and dan. expecting records tomorrow, mountain view, 93.mond 90 degre
7:50 pm
jose. 77 in half moon bay. 89 oakland. heading to gilroy garlic festival, tomorrow starts out warm and sunny. low 80s and it's kwing to be sizzling by 4:00 p.m . great food and hot weather. spare the air alert, temperatures coming down into 90s for the weekend upper 60s to low 70s at the coast. humidity going up. >> thank you. >> on to larry beil tonight. >> change for a's. guys been booed from opening night. now, $10 million has thrown his last pitch for the athletics. and alden smith,
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[ heart beating ] [ female announcer ] the internet gets more exciting the faster it goes. that's why, coming soon, xfinity will double the internet speed on two of our most popular plans. xfinity continues to innovate,
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bringing you the fastest, most reliable internet, period. [ heart beating ] xfinity internet from comcast. double the speed. [ heart beats ] good evening, well, we knew this is coming. jim johnson experiment is over. the $10 million pitcher has been
7:54 pm
designated for assignment. johnson has been booed since opening night. this afternoon, a's and astros oakland with three in the third. both with opposite field singles one run, struck out six. big blow, bottom of the 6th here, bases loaded for brandon moss. high, deep and aloha means... grand slam. third grammy of the year. a's coast, 13-1, now two and a half up on angels giants trying to sweep phillys and put the fanatic out of his misery. jimmy raulins and this young fan is not a happy girl.
7:55 pm
phils on an earned run. just one month, struck out ten. gets worse in the five nl. ben refer to left. i got it. i got it. i ain't got it. refer to second on the error. giants fan, she can't even bear to watch. two batters later, huddy allowing two unearned runs in six innings now now a game and a half up. come to at and t for a huge weekend series tomorrow w his legal issues behind him, alden smith says he's ready to focus on football the question is what kind of suspension he might receive from nfl. ray rice suspended only two games after an assault caught on tape. so it might be much less than first anticipated. that may be only a couple games
7:56 pm
for alden. >> i'm one of the best i've been coming into the campus. i'm doing great. everything is about growth. i just keep growing. you know? i'm in a better spot than i have been. you go through things and learn a lot. learn a lot from other states. just learn from them. >> yesterday, vernon davis ended his hold out and still wants a new contract but says his focus is all about team. >> any time i'm away from these guys i'm hurting. contract issue is up to my agent. and 49ers like i said. just like anything. everybody always wants to deal every player in the league. you know? i don't-it's just the nature of the game. >> despite bowl appearances stanford football team getting no respect, oh, i want to tell you.
7:57 pm
oregon picked to win a conference in annual pre-season media bowl. coach shaw does not let outside expectations bother him. >> as a level of play that is at a high level if there is anyone in the nation. i would have been surprised but for us, we never care we don't care what people say we don't wear we're picked. >> stage 18 tour de france final, 90 miles, leaders coming by me. look. look. what? my phone. and lost her phone. pay attention, lady. unphased. wins a stage. he's leading over seven minutes. the race ends in paris on sunday. abc7 sports brought to you by orchard supply hardware. see, dan? that could happen. >> knock it out of the hand. >> thank you. >> all right well, join me tonight on abc7 news at 9:00.
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a creepy mystery doll left in front of a pocrhs. why sheriffs launched an investigation. >> then a dream come true for a couple dedicated to helping wayward wildlife they'll be able to care for more lost animals >> join us at 9:00 and 11:00. >> that is it for this edition of abc7 news our coverage continues on twitter, i'm amadaetz. >> we appreciate your time. see you later tonight. >> have a good one. can't say thank you enough. you have made my life special by being apart of it. (everyone) cheers! glad you made it buddy. thanks for inviting me. thanks again my friends. for everything, for all your help. through all life's milestones, our trusted advisors are with you every step of the way. congratulations!
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